eMoney Training Modules:

eMoney Course Preview

As we are progressing more into the digital era, our old ways of storing money in form of cash and cheques are also being accepted through technology, such as credit cards and electronic banking systems. In short terms, Electronic money refers to the currency electronically stored on electronic systems and digital databases used to make it easier to transact electronically.

The ABM Global Compliance web-training course about Electronic Money is here to create awareness and ways to identify the benefits of having money stored in digital accounts, as well as to look out for any criminal activity that is trying to illegally proceed this cash into digital format.

This course will also make you certified not only in terms of training, but also to show your skills off to the professional world and grow with the world’s top compliance regulatory firms with the same goal and motivation as yours.

In this web training course, we will touch on 8 important topics including:

  1. Introduction to E-Money.
  2. E-Money License Authorization and Capital Adequacy Requirement.
  3. Client Money Safeguarding Requirement.
  4. Use of Agents and Distributor.
  5. Other Regulatory activities.
  6. Regulations applicable for EMI Institutions.
  7. Risk Assessment.
  8. AML Policy and Control.

If you are interested in learning all about these topics, enroll to this course right away! Follow the enrollment procedure given in this website to gain full access to the training course. Till then, hope see you later in this course!