Canada – Anti Money Laundering Course Preview

Canada–and more specifically financial centres such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver–is known to be a haven for illicit financial activity. Despite Canada’s ongoing regulation, and businesses’ efforts to comply, combatting money laundering remains a challenge as Canadians tend to be very trusting and often give the benefit of the doubt to business partners.

To tackle this on-going issue, this training course will teach you all about how to identify and report these criminal activities such as money laundering and terrorist financing to legal Canadian authorities. This course will also help you learn about the entire process of how criminals hide their illegal sources and involve in fraudulent activities with customers, making it difficult to track these sources and customers lose all of their trust in financial authorities.

You will also explore and practice this training by completing quizzes relevant to each topic and once you clear the quiz, you will hold a certification from one of the recognized financial services firms in the UK that holds significant value for your career and profession.

In this web training course, we will touch on 9 important topics including:

  • Introduction to Money Service Business.
  • Compliance program for Money Service Businesses.
  • Risk Based Approach.
  • Business Relationship.
  • Beneficial Owners & Third Party.
  • Politically Exposed Persons. 
  • Suspicious Transaction Report
  • Large Cash Transaction & Large Virtual Currency Transaction. 
  • Record Keeping.